Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 5 essay writing services UK

Sometimes in our lives we come to the point when all imagination we have blows away. But what if right now we just cannot afford it? For example, you are a student and you need your homework assignment done by the end of next week on the subject you have no clue about; or in college when your science project due is only a month away... What options do you have?
You can ask your classmates for help or just Google it. It is a way out but there might be some consequences. As in, what are the chances that your friend is an expert in the needed area or that your professor does know how to use Internet and finds the exact same essay? What happens then?
That's when essay writing services uk come in hand. Some may doubt them but the truth is - it works, it’s fast and it’s easy. Being a student first in school now in university gives me the advantage to say that I’ve used them a lot for assignment help and they never failed me. The following reviews of essay writing service uk are based on my personal experience.

Company Quality Usability Price
10/10 9/10 9/10
9/10 10/10 9/10
9/10 8/10 8/10
8/10 7/10 9/10
8/10 7/10 9/10



Over the last couple of years has become one of the top essay writing services uk. This year I’ve contacted them twice. For my uk essays and coursework. And guess what? Both A’s! At they perfect any task you give. From academic papers including essays, to coursework and even PhD dissertations!
The prices are also very reasonable. For example, an undergraduate essay from the scratch with the delivery time of 14 days costs only £16.45 per page. And they provide fast deliveries as well. I personally used this option with my math essay. I totally forgot about any homework whatsoever by the end of year when my friend called and asked if I already sent my paper. I was terrified! But as I calmed down, I made a request at for a 3-hour delivery and after only 2 hours I got my perfect essay!
As soon as you created the request at the service, a team of professionals is waiting to get the work done! Besides when the paper is ready, they provide you with free web check option to prove the uniqueness of your uk essay.


This is the place you go when you are short on cash. They offer almost the same features as the but it is a cheap essay writing service uk! Instead of £16.45 per page it’s only £6! But the thing I like the most about them is customer support. Wherever you are from you can contact them via toll-free call or Skype 24/7 which makes the communication very easy.
Also offers one of the biggest ranges of possible paper types. Essays, articles, CVs, reports, dissertations – you name it! If you are in the need of something a little bit rarer than a simple essay – they are the ones you call!
One of my friends is not such a good with words, so he used to create his personal Résumé. As a result of that he actually got a job where he wanted! All thanks to this service.


The and have the same pricing strategy as the majority of custom essay writing service in uk. But they mostly specialize on homework assignments. Are you finishing school? Or have just started studying at the university? Having trouble with your essay? Or some abstruse term paper wakes you up in the middle of the night? The answer is just one click away.
Besides they offer 100% money guarantee which is good if you are a newbie at this whole essay writing service thing. But that’s not all. About every couple of months they have some major sales! As in Discounts and sometimes even Freebies!
The default turnaround time is 14 days which is alright provided you use it to boost your term paper or dissertation which usually are not urgent. But if you do need to get work done as fast as possible you can always charge several extra pounds to the point where the project can be done in as low as 3 hours!
Moreover, if you are going to use this service on more frequently basis there are maybe some extra features you might like, e.g. VIP option which increases the turnover speed even more!


This one is my close friend’s personal favorite among all assignment writing services uk. She studies at Cambridge business school. And according to her, provides the best business writing service in the UK!
You want Business plan? Or Business letter? Maybe you fancy Resignation letter or sales Brochure? You give it a name – they wrap into a professional created papers which deserves only A-marks!
But though they do offer a great variety Business papers, they also provide Academic Writing: homework, essays, term papers, coursework etc. Any of which can be discussed in real time with the writer. And in case you somehow didn’t like the result – unlimited revisions can always come in hand.
Besides you get a smart discount system! For example last week they were giving out as much as 50% discounts for the from-the-scratch papers! I used it to create a good presentation for my biology classes. Everybody just loved it! By the way, for the presentations it’s another half price! One presentation slide equals one half of the price for an average essay page!


The last but definitely not the least is These are the guys who totally saved me last year with my term paper. In my opinion this very service has the most advanced usability. You simply put your academic level, deadline and the number of pages, push one button – and you are practically done! offers a very similar price as others does but it is much better with the feedback: you can call them, you can call via Skype or directly talk to you essay-writer.
The only problem I came across with the is too big list of paper types – sometimes it gets tricky to find the exact one you need. But I cannot say that it’s such a bad thing. For what it’s worth you do spend a couple of extra minutes selecting type, but at the end of the day you get the professionals in the very area you need who is 100% qualified to on Your subject.
But there is one thing I haven’t mentioned just yet. On if you need something really big to be done (for instance PhD dissertation) you can arrange not one writer but the whole crew to solve your problem! Of course it will cost more but at the end of the day (well usually it’s more like a week or so) you will virtually hold the key to your future in your hands!

In conclusion I want to say that generally these services aren’t so different. They offer pretty much the same features, prices and feedback. But some of them are a little bit better than the others when it comes to a certain moments. Some better suit Business reports others work a bit faster which is good with a close deadlines. That’s why I advise you to call them up or text via live chat before making the final decision. Because some of them may have at this exact moment, for example, tech problems or on the contrary awesome discount. And you could be lucky enough to be fetched with one!